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Basse Core Box

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Cornelius Basse grew up on an Oklahoma farm where he learned the value of patience, respect, and responsibility from his father (and years of hard work). It was on that farm where Cornelius also learned how to shoot a shotgun, and more importantly, when; as his father always said, a man holding an empty shotgun is just as intimidating as a man with one loaded as long as he never needs to fire. When his father passed, Cornelius couldn’t bring himself to keep up the farm as it was an extension of the man who raised him, so he sold it to his neighbor for a fair price. With that money, he traveled across the American frontier, breaking bread with bandits, settlers, vagabonds, and the like over campfires, as long as the company was kind. And when it wasn’t, he often found himself being the only one vigilant enough to break up backroom brawls. He even met the love of his life on the road, who told him to settle down and make a living by just being the man he was: a protector. Before she and Cornelius had the chance to marry, she soon passed as well, but not before giving him a daughter, Bernadette. As Cornelius raised his wildflower, he gained a reputation across the American plains and canyons as the face of frontier justice. He was fair and strict in his ruling; his cold stare was said to stop bullets and his stoic nod was enough to mend wounds. Those early years were hard, and taught Cornelius lessons he thought he’d never have to learn. He hoped that showing his daughter the importance of patience, respect, and responsibility through his actions would be enough for those values to resonate with her, but she was too much like him, and needed to learn those values herself. Unfortunately, it was an action made by his daughter that would ultimately drive them both out of America. Cornelius had taught Bernadette the importance of self-defense (“And if it means your life or theirs… do what needs doin’ to survive.”), but the person on the other end of her knife was the son of a corrupt judge. His death meant that Cornelius had to make the toughest decision in his life: to define what it means to do the “right thing.” But Cornelius Basse had suffered enough loss in his life to risk his daughter becoming a potential victim of the justice system that he chose to protect all those years. So, with his daughter’s hand in his, they ran to Malifaux City to start a new life, far away from anyone who might mean to do them harm. Little did he know that the Guild was watching, and waiting, and just so happened to need a little bit of frontier justice of their own to be doled out to contract towns. And they had an offer he couldn’t refuse.

The Guild’s newest recruit is a tough, no-nonsense sheriff who has been given the task of bringing order to the more remote areas of Malifaux. These frontiersmen thrive in the wilds of Malifaux, utilizing the terrain on the board to offer both protection and tools to punish their enemies. As a leader, Basse focuses on punishing his foes, whether through his innate damage potential, or from repositioning them through the shifting terrain of the Malifaux landscape. In addition to harnessing the terrain of the battlefield, Basse and the Frontier Crew are inherently pushing the boundaries of Guild’s territory and the known lands of Malifaux using their Home on the Range Ability, extending the distance they can deploy at the start of the game.

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Basse Core Box

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